Asteroids / Asteroids Deluxe / Lunar Lander multigame Analog to Digital thruster control interface (ADL A2D)

Now available $37.50 shipped


This is an add-on to the upcoming Braze Technology kit. Play Lunar Lander with an original style thruster handle instead of buttons.

Includes fully assembled and tested kit, plus a three-wire cable to connect the input pins to the potentiometer on the thruster itself (not included).

Check out the instructions for more details, or contact

The interface was designed to allow for a variety of input pots and is adjustable for a range of digital output values, and there is plenty of room to dial it in. Target output values are based on research done on dedicated Lunar Lander machines, the adaptation of the Lunar Lander code in the Braze kit, and even input from one of the original engineers of the game. Since the Braze kit is still in development there is a chance the software could change, but the interface has the flexibility to adjust.